Clientfit Virtualization Solutions

  • Virtualization technologies are helping companies across the world streamline their IT infrastructure, cut energy costs, and save on IT management and personnel costs. Small and Midsize Businesses face the unique challenge of ensuring high application availability and managing an increasingly complex IT environment without the budgets of larger companies. You end users expect greater flexibility and access to resources from multiple devices but may be limited by your budget or personnel constraints.

Virtualization Benefits


  • > Get high availability for your existing applications, using the hardware you already have.
  • > Enable secure delivery of data , apps , and desktop environments to end users from any device.
  • > Strengthen Security with automated patch management and security policies.

Simplify IT and Improve Productivity

  • > Improve productivity for your end users with collaboration.
  • > Simplify SMB IT with intuitive web based management that keeps technology out of your way while putting it at your service

Save Money

  • > Consolidate workloads from 20 servers to 3 to save on hardware and operation costs.
  • > Reduce application costs by 50-75 percent with email and collaboration solutions that are more cost-effective to deploy and manage.
  • > Simplify end user device management with virtualized desktops.

    Clientfit has selected VMware as our premier virtualization partner. Our solutions are execute via VMware’s cutting edge suite of Virtualization soft are and tools.

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